How to start training

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How to start training

Post  kumagako on Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:17 pm

1. Buy a training monitor either a HR (heart rate) or powermeter

Get one with recording or at least can get average data (HR and/or power) over a duration. You would need a gadget to help you quantify the training load and intensity.

2. Get you 1hour ave data

Maximum HR or power is not needed. The best reference for training is the 1 hour ave HR or power.
You can do this by taking a 1hr ITT or a 20minute one then multiply with a certain factor.

3. Train in your training levels

Using you reference you can compute your training levels and moreover your training plan.

Threshold = 1 hour reference data

example1: A sprinter may want to train more in the tempo and Anaerobic/Nueromuscular power
example2: A timetrialist may want to train more in the threshold

4. Allow adequate rest and and some recovery rides

Give your muscles, heart and lungs a break

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