PowerBack-Racing Brace

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PowerBack-Racing Brace

Post  Proud2bpinoy on Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:26 pm

(Taken from the PowerBack® website)

The lightweight patent pending racing brace by PowerBack® is soon to be the hottest innovation to hit the cycling industry in years. The PowerBack® racing brace enables you to transfer more power to the pedals by offering a leverage point directly behind your lower back to push against, resulting in greater performance and optimized power efficiency. When you push back against the racing brace by PowerBack®, you immediately realize its benefits and feel the power.

Greater performance and balanced power delivery
Increases power transfer to the pedals
Improves leverage for a more efficient pedal stroke
Eliminates lower back pain and reduces neck and shoulder stress
Ensures optimal position on the saddle at all times

A Must Have
Whether you are on a casual group ride, a grueling century ride or competing in a triathlon, you will immediately realize the benefits of the racing brace by PowerBack®. The increased leverage it provides will enable you to power over rollers without leaving the saddle and climb the steepest mountains more efficiently and more comfortably.

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