recovery ride Jan3,2011

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recovery ride Jan3,2011

Post  kumagako on Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:58 pm

masarap pala magride ng tanghaling tapat at wala masyadong kotse

dadaan ako ng city to the hill park para konting climb repeats

go go go

tour bus (nagrerecovery ride rin yung driver)

my trusty bike

medyo dumidilim ang langit at uulan ata

at dumaan sa bahay ng durian or lanka ba ito?

dumaan rin sa arko ni Noah

caught by the rain while on the climb

there was no rain on the top
but had a scary wet downhill

climb a few more times and practiced the wet downhill afterwards

called it quits after a few laps
so pasyal nalang sa PASSIONE

took the long cut home and my skin started to wrinkle

wewee break in the middle of nowhere

didnot risk the bike outside kaya sa loob nalang ng toilet

still rainy on the homestretch

nalaspag bigla at tigili muna kami sa lover's lane
enjoying the view of the malaysia shipyard and pertochemical plants

got back home wet and wild
(spoils of the LBS visit)

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Re: recovery ride Jan3,2011

Post  Kiko on Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:25 pm

nyay... at nag shopping pa ang bruha...

dapat ata ang titile nito ay...

recovery ride with retail therapy...


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