SPRINT training

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SPRINT training

Post  kumagako on Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:29 pm

as derived from cts programmes...

duration: 5 weeks, 2x a week


power starts PS
-15 second sprint from 5kph using a heavy gear. no shifting must be done. at the 15 second mark, ur rpm cadence should be around 120 so choose your gear wisely.

flat sprints FS
-20 second flat and all-out sprint from a moderate speed maybe 20kph.


week 1 day 1 - PS 5x
week 1 day 2 - PS 6x
week 2 day 1 - FS 6x
week 2 day 2 - PS 8x
week 3 day 1 - FS 7x
week 3 day 2 - FS 7x
week 4 day 1 - FS 8x
week 4 day 2 - FS 9x
week 5 day 1 - FS 10x
week 5 day 2 - FS 10x

recovery interval: 5minutes

best done on the last weeks of the BUILD2 period and in the TAPERING/PEAKING period.
usually the LT training at the start of this training is already done so it wont be stressful.

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