What is my training zones

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What is my training zones

Post  kumagako on Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:15 pm

This is mostly taken from the book of Andrew COggan
"training and racing with a powermeter"

Training Zone ,Power % (watts) ,HR % <-1hr aver power/HR

Recovery ,<55% ,<68%
Endurance ,56-75% ,68-83%
Tempo ,76-90% ,84-94%
Threshold ,91-105% ,95-105% (may not be achieved during initial effort)
V02 MAX ,106-120% ,>106%
Anaerobic ,121-150% ,NA (maximum HR)
Neuromuscular power ,>150% ,NA


This is easy riding with very minimal pressure on the pedals. IT is very easy to have a conversation and requires no concentration to maintain the pace.


This is LSD. long slow distance training. This is the pace that one can set all day.
A little more pressure on the pedals plus a little added concentration to set the pace.
Conversation can still be carried out.


This pace requires some concentration to maintain. It gets harder after 1 hour when riding at this range. There is a considerable amount of pressure on the pedals but it should not be painful. It only requires more concentration to maintain. Conversation can still be done and carried out but not the same freedom when in the endurance pace. Tempo pace is the pace set unconciously by most cyclists especially when riding with a pack where motivation is quite high.


This pace is the maximal pace you can set for one hour. There is pressure on the pedals and a little painful after a few tens of minutes. Conversation can still be carried out but in between breaths. This pace requires great concentration and motivation to maintain.


5-10minutes dito laspag kana!!! :sleep:

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