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Post  Proud2bpinoy on Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:03 am

Fits any spoked wheel.
Charges any USB powered device.
All-in-one design with bike light and power generator integrated in a stylish body.
3W 5.0V DC output.
Fully charges most mobile phones with 2-3 hours’ ride.
20% lighter than similar system driven by hub dynamo.
Low load resistance. Zero resistance possible if not in use (by disengaging clutch).
Starts to work at 5 kmh. Full capacity at 20 kmh (based on 26” wheels).
Easy DIY installation. Tool-free for Quick Release wheels.
1W front LED with integrated lens optics.
2 S/B LED rear light.
With 700mAh Li-ion battery for keeping lights on for 2 hrs after stop riding.
Beam angle adjustable.
Remote-controlled lighting switch.

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