genting fraser trip w/ JR

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genting fraser trip w/ JR

Post  kumagako on Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:23 am

share ko lang

daybreak on a bus w/ the Joyrider cycling club to Fraser hill (400+km north of SG)

forgot to bring my slippers so I bought one at the first stop

lunch sumwer north of KL (my good facebooks Francis and Michel)

pinakawalan kami sa base ng Fraser hill

sobrang excited kami

after 1km of climb... (not excited anymore) help!!!

the road leveled off at the dam (legs still OK)

nagkawatak-watak kami sa incline.

malayo pa ang umaga
everybody broke loose

caught up with some (pacing pacing) on the long, steady and gradual climb

then got at the "GAP" after an hour of suffering
(the GAP is the one way road up Fraser hill 9km... odd hours up. even hours down)
so wait muna kami b4 they open the gate

when the gate opened.
all hell broke loose and found myself climbing alone (pacing pacing)

after 30+ minutes of suffering
got at the hotel safe but freezing cold from the rain

altitude 1390+m ASL 42km from the base (kuala kubu)

climb plot

basa and sapatos namin kaya linagyan namin ng newspaper sa loob (bai grepo tip)

then power nap muna b4 dinner

at dinner...
i immediately ordered a coke (kuntador laspag teknik)

next morning it was quite foggy on the top

we were getting ready for the gate down the one way GAP is about to open (8am)

i followed the fast group down the snaky wet road and couldn't match their downhill skills
so i found myself riding alone

back to the dam near the base

the roads were dry so I was confident to speed up

view on the right

go go go

was able to see some of the riders a few minutes after i pressed the pedals

whew! pagod. (i really need a cycling psychologist to cure my downhill phobia)

the group decided to stop for a rest after 40+km
but i dnt want to stop
i told them that ill head off to Genting alone

riding alone (i can see the bldgs of Genting on that faraway hill)

ok 30kms exactly away daw

the road started to slightly incline

pacing pacing pacing patience patience patience dont hammer

i put my hand on the top of the hoods for more leverage

looked at the computer and just at my tempo pace

kaso parang hindi tempo kasi mukhang demonyo na ako

luckilly the climbs are steady (21T lang kc ang spraket ko)

kaya ko toh!!! LASPAG NA AKO!!!

practiced meditating (mindless pedalling)

then a milestone disturbed my rhythm

but was envigorated when i saw the Genting cable car station
(halfway there!!!)

pacing pacing pacing was my mantra

the air was a little cold even though the sun was high

started the main climb (hehehe memorize ko ang mga daya dito)

endured a steep section
then was rewarded a flat recovery portion (as i expected)

then steep sections na naman ulit

plus bad roads

and was rewarded again with a recovery portion

900meters to go... (i was suffering)

then i gave up at 100m to the top LASPAG!!!!!!!!!

ayun yung entrada

waited at the entrance for my facebooks

the entrance to Genting again

my horsey was resting. he had a long day

climb plot ~1600m ata

then all was in after two hours of waiting for the scattered riders (dami daw stops) picture2x

ate and drank alot at a nearby coffeeshop

I planned to cycle back kaso I wasn't able to get the cut-off time
(mahirap abutan ng dilim sa MY. walang ILAW)
so i rode the bus home

me with my facebooks on a recovery ride uphill... pasyal pasyal

on the next morning we went for the downhill on the other side of Fraser hill
the pace was hard for me to hang on.
luckilly :skeptical: may na flat at naka rest

i guess somebody bonked first and scattered some thumbtacks tactics :D ](*,)

and away we go under the sun
across the rolling country

rode the expressway to Genting Sempah (1/3 to genting)

shet nahati ang grupo kasi may makating paa

ended up getting dropped by the monsters
malapit na ang umaga!

then i came alone but I survived
need lots of training for me.

altitude plot

kain kain... anti-laspag(bonk)

raised my cramped legs most of the time on the way back home to SG

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Re: genting fraser trip w/ JR

Post  Makoy on Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:35 pm

Wow mukhang masaya... at masakit sa hita.... hehehe....

Bakit pink na itong website natin? ang landi ng dating.... lol!

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Re: genting fraser trip w/ JR

Post  Proud2bpinoy on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:28 am

Nice pics ulit from kumagako.
di pa purple ang kulay?

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Re: genting fraser trip w/ JR

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